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When to Get a Roof Inspection Service

Roof repair, inspection, and maintenance are some of the most important maintenance procedures that you need to be aware of. A roof’s condition will affect your property’s curb appeal and value. Regular inspection from a top roofing service provider can help you spot roof issues before they become bigger and more expensive. However, when is the right time to get a roof inspection? Find out by reading the following:

Before a Scheduled Maintenance

If you want to make sure that you schedule a roof inspection before you have your roof inspected for maintenance, then call your roofer and ask them about the assistance they provide. It is important to get the roof inspected before you perform maintenance because it can help you figure out whether you will need a repair or replacement.

During a Huge Storm

It’s also wise to get an inspection before a storm or extreme weather event. This way, you can see if there are any cracks or holes on your roof that you might have not noticed during the summer season. Because of a storm or extreme weather event, these cracks and holes can grow bigger over time and cause leaks that will leave you with a wet house and water damage.

After Natural Disasters

Because of natural disasters like the recent floods, strong winds, and earthquakes, many homeowners will be left with damaged roofs. Some of the rooftops will have holes and cracks that can allow rainwater to leak into the house, which is dangerous. Getting a roof inspection after a natural disaster can help you spot if there are any dents or damaged parts of your roof that you need to get a repair instead of a replacement.

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