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Your roof is one of the most important yet exposed structural components in your building. To ensure that it’ll stay in good condition, try our roofing service in Gilroy, CA. Here are the roofing services our company, Green Tech Roofing Inc, offers:

Roof Replacement in Gilroy, CA

Roof Replacement in Gilroy, CA



Have you decided on the materials or design of your new roof? Are you looking for the right material? Perhaps, you’re afraid that your budget won’t be enough to support your purchasing decisions? In deed, visualizing your new roof might be quite easy, but as you put those ideas into actions, you’ll meet a lot of challenges and cons.


Your plans and decisions can affect the overall cost and the success of this project. Don’t take these burdens all by yourself and consult us. We make use of our vast knowledge and connections. We’ll not only execute your plans for new roof installation feasible. We’ll execute the task flawlessly and efficiently.



Do you have a leaking roof? If left for too long, the leaking water will damage your roofing frames and the rest of your structural components. Address this issue immediately by hiring us. To avoid accidents and poor quality repairs, we encourage customers to hire a legitimate professional like our company.



Your roof isn’t invincible. It would certainly deteriorate in the future. Rather than waiting for that time to come, have them inspected regularly. Doing roof inspection is one of our specialties. We can work with your insurance company, especially if you want to file for a claim.



It’s more challenging to replace new roofs than to install it. Before we start peeling your old roofing materials, we need to check if your building has the structural integrity to hold the new ones. We have to check the condition of the frames as well as the pillars. This is to ensure that the newly installed materials won’t cave in, and cause serious problems.

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